JACKPOT: perfect find for a rainy day! (Shop Review)

Recently a good mate of mine came home having bought the bargain of the century and for the icing on the cake then lorded it over me for the evening.  I am into books; I enjoy what you might call the travel and adventure genre but I also love books on God, leadership and the occasional historical read.
The book my buddy came home with was the hardback version of Bill Bryson’s classic ‘A Walk in the Woods’ costing him just 33p – unbelievable!   This set our imaginations going and so over the past few months we have been visiting charity shops to see what delights we can find!  It is surprising the treasure you can discover and being new to charity shops I have been delighted with the surprise and pleasure I have experienced in finding a quality work in my genre of choice.
In our hunt I recently hit the jackpot!  I spied it one day as I drove to a meeting in ‘The Coffee Yard’, Hollywood.  The jackpot came in the form of a solely focused second hand  bookshop run by Concern Worldwide (link to Facebook page) situated on the outskirts of the town’s commercial area. As I wandered in I was instantly hit by the sense I had walked into a wee Oasis of bliss.  I was greeted by a smile and a chuckle with the staff person whilst the welcome smell of books got my juices flowing.  If I’m honest I was stunned as it was the aroma you might find in a brand new bookshop such as Waterstones.  As I looked around I was aware of a growing smile appearing across my face.
The books are wall to wall and floor to ceiling.  All professionally categorised into genres and each genre organised alphabetically. The thing that blew me away was the condition of the books; they were all almost brand new!  This is important to me as I like my books to be as close to pristine as I can get them, I confess I am a nerd!  The shop is that complete I would put a metaphorical bet on that most well-known authors of most genres are kept in the store.
With a complete package like this I understand why the average book price was a little more than in most charity shops.  I was only too happy to part with my £10 for 3 – 4 books and chuffed that my tenner went straight into the coffers of a great cause in ‘Concern Worldwide’ (link to national website).    Sadly it won’t buy me bragging rights of the great value my friend had the other week but to my mind it is a superior find and I will most definitely return another day. If you like books and love reading I most definitely recommend a visit.
Of course if books aren’t your thing the same exciting adventure with charity shops can be found in fashion, homeware, music and even furniture.   What’s not to like in a bargain that supports charitable and worthwhile causes.  McFinkle RECOMMENDS!

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