Spending time with ‘The Yogurt Tree’…

This morning arrived early cold and windy.  As some say around these parts ‘The wind is wild lazy, it goes through you rather than around you!’  This was definitely one of those winds.  As I stretched heading for the car I lamented the fact that it was also the morning Twinkle wanted to go shopping for a dress for an upcoming wedding.
This was never going to be an easy episode yet I was hoping Bangor might provide a quick solution. As we drove down Hamilton Road without having even started shopping I was thinking about coffee.  A cheeky thought hit as out of the corner of my eye I seen the welcoming lights of a new wee coffee/dessert shop that I had heard so much about called ‘The Yogurt Tree’.
Not believing my luck, I saw a car parking spot outside the estate agents next to the shop.  I pulled the car up like we were on a drugs raid. As we stopped abruptly Twinkle looked surprised but with an accompanying mischievous smile made it obvious that we had had the same thought.
As we pushed the door open I immediately liked what I saw and smelt.  The place was spotless and fresh and with it came the warm smile of a staff member. I looked longingly at the frozen yogurt machines as I read the alluring labels of mint aero, biscotti, vanilla and Nutella amongst others. As I approached the counter the scones did a dance as their aroma seduced me.  My conscience told me that at 11.00 it was too early for frozen yogurt yet amazing as the scones looked and smelt I knew they too weren’t for me.  Then like heaven being unveiled a staff member brought out iced cinnamon rolls, BINGO! I ordered straight away looked forward to the accompanying Latte I had asked for too.  As you do I also noted the free Wi-Fi, logged in and to my joy found it swift and easily accessed.
The goodies arrived promptly and oh my word they were drop dead gorgeous…  As I munched I loved the choice of music and the engaging décor around the place.  I particularly lighted the space were customers could leave messages for friends they knew would visit.  Someone has obviously put a lot of thought into this place. As our visit came to an end I again looked longingly at the frozen yogurt machines… maybe next time.
Simply put folks McFinkle.Com wholeheartedly recommends you visit!

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