Hidden in plain sight…

February has arrived in through the door and to my joy has brought with it some sunshine.  As I stare out to sea from my study I reflect on the friend nature is. As I watch the whites of the waves and the gulls as they surf the wind it sooths my soul and with it comes the call to explore. The call to get out there and to enjoy beckons me.  To take the time to digest a slice of it, to savour the various smells it freely gifts us and the sounds it gently provides.
Gilbert Lennox Photography
One of my favourite moments over the past few weeks was to enjoy the majestic sound of many birds tweet as they came to rest in a tree and prepare for the evening ahead.  I was leaving a friend’s house and rushing on to my next appointment but the sound remained with me and has echoed inside me since. It speaks to me of the danger of living exclusively in and amongst my own busyness.
How often have you heard people grumble about pace of life, the stress of the job and the demands of family?  All of which are valid comments but what if nature is here to help?  What if stepping out into creation even for the briefest of moments is to engage in some much needed holistic therapy. Your body craves a little stretch, your lungs some fresh air and your mind some silence, solitude and sanctuary.  A small walk including time spent sat on a park bench might just be the respite you so badly long for.  Sometimes life doesn’t have to be complicated, get out and be renewed and restored!

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