I will never do that…

This week has seen a real turn around in my thinking.  I did two things in one day that I said I would never do.  As a kid growing up I always disliked the shape of Japanese cars and as an adult secretly thought that they were built completely with plastic not so fantastic.  Similarly I have always disliked red cars.  I hate the way with time they fade making them look more like a washed out pair of pink knickers than the fiery red they left the factory with.

Well to cut a long story short I’ve been dying to get back into an estate car.  I’ve always loved them and have previously owned three, all VW. I love estate cars for many reasons but mostly for their convenience, especially these days for the transportation of our dogs.  Cuba our German shepherd has been travelling in the back of the golf for the last fortnight and it’s been a bit of a squish!

Take the photo and let us out!!
This bad lad came to my attention and I fell for it hook, line and sinker.  It’s a 04 Toyota Corolla Estate with the highly dependable and acclaimed D4D engine in it.  Thankfully it has because in its 12 year history its covered 238,000 miles and I intend to try for 300,000.

It was a bargain and we all love those.  Once Bob my mechanic gets his oily hands on it and gets some work done on it, it will go on for forever.  ONE PROBLEM but the boy racer in me has resurfaced after many years in hibernation.  I have already bought Japense style square number plates, I am so tempted to put a set of wide alloy wheels on the car and tint the passenger and rear windows.  So ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to Toby the Tugboat the trustworthy Toyota.  Easy for you to say I hear you say….

Toby the Tugboat
Enjoy your weekend, talk soon! 

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